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What would you do if one day you wake up and find you are not in your own body? This is what happens to 2 teenagers. Taki is a senior in high school living in Tokyo.  He has a part-time job in an Italian restaurant. He has a crush on one of his co-workers.  Mitsuha is also in high school. She lives in a rural town and wishes to move to Tokyo someday.  One morning they both wake up to find they have switched bodies. At first it is very comical, to watch what a teenage boy does in a girl’s body, and vice-versa. They try to hide it, but it is obvious they are not themselves.  Every night when they go to sleep they revert. They soon learn to leave messages for each other on their cell phones.  Messages like “Stop playing with my boobs”.

While they are in each other’s bodies they help each other with problems they are having.  Taki has trouble speaking to his crush, but Mitsuha in his body has no problem. Mitsuha has no friends at school and is an introvert. Taki in her body makes her popular with the other students and makes her some friends.  Over time they end up falling for each other.

Does this duo ever meet? What happens to them in the future? These are questions that I will not answer, because it gives away too much of the story.  Watch the movie and find out.

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