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The place, planet Gunsmoke are the far reaches of the galaxy. The time, the future. Vash the Stampede stands alone, in his red duster, against 5 bounty hunters.  All seeking to claim the 60 billion double dollar reward for Vash.  This was due to him destroying the town of July, which he cannot remember doing. Vash takes out all the bounty hunters in very unorthodox manner.  Meaning he does not shoot them but what seems like dumb luck takes out all of them without killing any.  He shoots at one, missing but the bullet ricochets and hits a sign that swings out and takes out 3 of the group.  The very same bullet scares a horse pulling a wagon that knocks out a water tower and pours water all over the street taking out the remaining duo and part of the town.

Although it is set in the future and on another planet, the animi has a very old west feel to it in most instances. There are some modern weaponry and you will occasionally see a plane or spaceship. Most of the planet looks as it would in any old western movie. The people dress as if they were in that era as well.  The towns have saloons and railroad stations.

Vash doesn’t kill intentionally but rather tries to save people. Now he is being followed by 2 female intergalactic insurance adjusters, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson.  They are trying to minimize the damage that seems to follow Vash around where ever he goes.

There was only 1 season containing 26 episodes, but it tells the whole story of Vash and has a decent closing episode.  1 movie was produced afterward.

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