The Boy and the Beast

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Ren’s mother has passed away.  He is placed in a foster home because his father could not be located. He does not like this and runs away.  Living in the streets, stealing food, he survives any way he can.

Kumatetsu is a is a beast from the beast world, and alternate dimension parallel to our earth. He is one of two people selected to become the next lord of the realm. The two successors must battle, the winner will earn the title. The current lord sees something missing within Kumatetsu and declares that before the duel can take place, Kumatetsu must find an apprentice.

Unable to find a worth apprentice in the Beast World, Kumatetsu travels to the human world in disguise.  There he finds young Ren and offers him the apprenticeship.  Ren does not accept but follows Kumatetsu back to the Beast World where he finds himself trapped and unable to return to the human world.  Alone he accepts Kumatetsu’s offer of apprenticeship.

Kumatetsu and Ren seem to have very different points of views and this makes for a very comedic and touching time as the pair find themselves and form a strong bond.

Nine years later, Ren, now a strong kendo practitioner, learns how to get back to the human world. He finds his father but ends up rejecting him. He also meets a girl, Kaede. She sees that he is upset but does not realize the empty void that is beginning to appear within Ren.  She gives him a bracelet that was given to her. She says it will help calm the inner demons.  It works for Ren and he returns to the Beast World.

The time for the battle for lordship is upon us.  Kumatetsu faces off with his opponent. Ren has gone to the human world so Kumatetsu stands alone.  His does not have the inner strength to beat his opponent because of Ren leaving him.  He is nearly defeated when Ren exposes himself from with the crowd.  He had been there the whole time in disguise. With Ren cheering him on, Kumatetsu defeats his opponent and becomes the lord of the Beast World.

After the old lord transforms in the deity, passing the lordship to Kumatetsu, his son reveals that he is really a human and has been wearing a disguise his whole life. He has developed a void within himself, like Ren did. His void consumes him, and he turns into a giant spirit whale. He returns to the human world to wreak destruction. Ren journey’s back to stop him thinking that his growing void within himself is the only power that can stop him.  Together with Kumatetsu they must stop him and save both worlds.

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