Space Force Speculation

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Space Force is currently being developed as a sixth branch of the United States armed forces. It will take over some of the responsibilities that were previously under the Air Force. Some of these responsibilities include the protection of space assets like satellites and the International Space Station. However, the U.S. Space Force would fall under the administration of the Secretary of the Air Force, similarly how the Marine Corps is administered by the Secretary of the Navy.

Some of the responsibilities of the U.S. Space Force would include:
Space Warfare
Energy grid
Missile defense
Communications infrastructure
Reconnaissance infrastructure
GPS infrastructure

The Space Forces’ primary mission would be launching and maintaining military satellites.

Neil deGrass Tyson, a well known astrophysicist, has added his voice to the discussion by suggesting that the U.S. Space Force also be responsible for space debris cleanup and asteroid defense.

The currently projected cost to setup the Space Force is $8 billion over 5 years. Washington is optimistic that the development of Space Force will be completed in 2020.

What type of weapons would be issued to the Space Force?
What would their utility uniform and formal uniform look like?
What would their flag, seal, and emblem look like?
Will the Space Force setup a base on the Moon?
What might that look like, and how would it function?

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