Space Battleship Yamato

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This very old series aired in 1974. It has had a few different titles, including Cosmoship Yamato and Star Blazers. It was very innovative for the era and talks about things such as world wars and total nuclear destruction.

The world has been destroyed due to a long battle against the Gamilas. Their radioactive meteor bombs have rendered the earths surface uninhabitable. The earth has less then one year before it becomes totally uninhabitable, even in the underground cities where the remaining humans have taken refuge. Hope comes to them when a message from an alien race tells them they have a device that clean the atmosphere of all the radiation.  It also includes plans for a faster than light engine. Pressed for time, they secretly rebuild a ship that had previously sunk into the ocean, the Yamato. Equipping it with the new “Wave Motion” engine. They launch the ship and must make it to the alien planet and return before the remaining humans all die. All this while being pursued by the Gamilas that wish to stop them, so they can inhabit the earth.

Although it had a great story it only lasted 1 season with 26 episodes.  There were multiple attempts at sequels under various Yamato titles.

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