Science vs Religion Debate

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          When debating religion with someone, a common tactic of the proponents of science is that they will try and make the conversation about science. But they’re missing a critical difference. Science and religion are two very different things and should not be argued as if they’re competing, that there can only be one or the other, that both can’t be true. Science answers the question “What is the world around us?” Religion answers the question “how do we live in it?” (Dr. Jordan Peterson) Its easy to make the mistake of trying to find scientific proof to discredit or give credit to the stories in the Bible.

          The truths of those stories are found in the principles that they teach us. The Bible is a guide on how to live, not a history lesson. The Bible is not a science book, nor is it a history book, it is a guide book. Skeptics would have to, at the very least, admit that it’s the most successful self-help book ever written.

The Old Testament gave us the laws to live by. The New Testament gave us the example of how to live. Without the law there is no need for a Savior.

          Facts are something you know, truths are something you believe. I can prove that 2 plus 2 equals 4, they can’t prove that it doesn’t. I can prove that the Earth is round, they can’t prove that its flat. I can’t prove that God is real, and they can’t prove that he’s not. Both positions require belief. Facts are things that can be proven, beliefs are things that can’t be proven. There are many things that religion does not explain, there are an equal number of things that science doesn’t explain. Science and Religion are not in opposition, they complement each other.

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