One Punch Man

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While most anime is about teenagers, this one takes a different approach.  It stars a middle-aged man. Saitama was once a normal business man, but one day he gets robbed by a super powered villain and vows to never let it happen again.  He starts to train.  His regime is 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and run 10km every single day.  There are no rest days.  Also, you must never use air conditioning, no matter how hot or cold you get.  He did this for one year, and as a side effect lost all his hair.  This is how he claims he became one of the most powerful beings in the world.

The show opens a while after he already has his powers. He is bored. None of the super villains or giant monsters he has fought even pose a challenge to him. This is how he gets his nickname of the one punch man.  It only takes 1 punch from him to defeat any foe. Since his battles do not last long at all, other heroes would sometimes take the credit for his battles.  He didn’t care and would just leave after defeating the villain.  He strives to find a worthy foe.

After saving some people, he meets another hero, Genos. Genos is a cyborg. He has multiple weapons loaded into his limbs as well as super strength. Even with all this he is humbled when he sees Saitama beat bad guy with just one punch. He then begs to become he student.  He asks Saitama how he became so strong, and this is where we learned how he got his power. 

Saitama joins the Hero Association and seeks to find a worthier opponent. Everyone constantly underestimates him because of his look and the fact that he has no reputation. He has never taken credit for anyone he has beaten. He is an unknown in the hero world before he joins the Hero Association.  He eventually works his way up the rankings and earns the respect of the other heroes.

The series has 1 season and only 12 episodes.  It was released in 2015 and came to the US in late 2016.  It has since picked up a large following and a second season is in the process of being made.

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