Ninja Scroll

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During the feudal Edo Period in Japan. A clan sends a shipment of gold to Shogun in payment for his protection.  The Shogun plans on using this gold to buy weapons from the west, so he can overthrow the current government and take power for himself. The ship carrying the gold runs aground in storm. Not wanting anyone to know of this shipment, he sends his squad of supernatural ninjas, The Eight Devils of Kimon, to kill everyone in the nearby village. 

Not hearing from the village, the shogun of the area sends his own team of ninja to investigate.  This team is wiped out by the devil ninja except for the sole woman of the team, Kagero. She also doubles as a food taster for the shogun. Doing so for so long has turned her blood toxic and made her immune to almost every type of poison.  Kagero is captured by one of the devil and with the idea he would have his way with her.

Jubai was a ninja. His clan was destroyed so now he wonders around. He happens to be wandering nearby when he hears Kagero screams. He helps her, killing the Devil in the process. Dakuan, a spy for the same shogun Kagero works for, watches the battle and gets an idea.  He poisons Jubai and tells him he will give him the antidote if he defeats the remaining Devils.  The trio set off in search of the remaining Devils together.

On their journey, Kagero finds out from Dakuan, that her body is Jubai’s cure.  The poisons that run within her will cure him. After a battle with some of the Devils, she tells him of the cure and offers to sleep with Jubai, so he could be cured. His honor would not allow it, so he refuses.

During their next battle with the remaining Devils, Kagero is mortally wounded. Enraged by this, Jubai destroys the remaining Devils. He makes his way to the dying Kagero where she confesses her love for him and they share a kiss as she dies. This kiss cures Jubai of the poison.   

Jubai and Dakuan board the ship with the gold to face off against the shogun and Gemma, the leader and last remaining member of the Devils.  Gemma kills the shogun in a coup. He has plans to use the gold to raise his own army and take over.  Jubai and Dakuan face off against Gemma in this final battle. The ship catches fire, melting the gold. Jubai manages to knock Gemma in the, now molten, gold where he perishes.

Jubai, standing alone on the hill ties a scarf that belonged to Kagero to his sword hilt and goes off into the woods alone.

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