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Naruto is a young orphan that wants, very badly, to be the head ninja for his village.  He is a little bit of an outcast, even in his village because within him lies a trapped demon.  This was trapped within him when he was a baby.  This was he only way the village had to be rid of the demon.  This demon is known as the Nine Tails Fox.

His adventures begin at a very young age, but he does age as the seasons go on.  He enters ninja school and learns to control the enormous power within him.  He finally makes some friends among the other ninja students, as well as a rival and love interest.  His love interest, Sakura, only has eyes for the best student in the class, Sasuke, which also happens to be Naruto’s rival.  They end up all being placed into a squad or three together.  The squad along with their instructor, Kakashi, train and go on ninja missions together so they can become full fledged ninjas.  This are the beginning steps on Naruto’s journey to become the Hokage (Village leader)

This series is currently ongoing under the title of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which is about Naruto’s son.  Naruto has 5 seasons, 220 episodes and 3 movies.  Naruto: Shippuden has 21 seasons, 500 episodes and 7 movies. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is currently on its second season and has 76 episodes.

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