My Nero Academia

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In a world where 95% of the people have some sort of super power, called quirks, Izuku has none.  Even without any quirks he has a goal to be the top super hero on he planet. He soon meets up with the worlds greatest super hero, All Might, and together they save the city for an arch-villain.  Soon afterward All Might decides that he finds a worthy successor and shares the secret that his powers can be gifted to another person.  He trains Izuku and begins the transfer process.

Izuku gets into the most prestigious super hero training school all on his own merits and skills, since he has not yet mastered how to use the powers All Might has given him. His body also needs to time to adjust to these powers as using them usually ends with Izuku getting broken bones.  Fortunately for him, the school nurse’s super power is to speed up the healing process of others.  So, he does not stay down for long.

The series is currently on it’s third season and has 63 episodes and one movie. The first 2 seasons take place before and during his first year at the academy. The movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, takes place at the end of season 2, after their first year is over and they are on summer vacation. Season 3 picks up at the start of the second year of school.

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