Ghost in the Shell

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Ghost in the Shell was first an animate movie. It was so popular that they created a series. Its lasting popularity turned it into a few more movies, a live action movie, and spawned many spin-off series. I am just covering the very first animated movie. The series and other movies will be covered later.

Major Motoko Kusanagi is a member of the Public Security Section 9 in New Port City, Japan. She is unique in that most of her body has been replaced with cybernetics.  Many people in this era have cybernetic implant’s.  Some to replace lost limbs, others to enhance abilities.  The Major’s section handles crimes that involve cybernetics.

Ghost is a term they use in this era to identify a soul.  Robots do not have a ghost while humans do.  Someone hacks into a robot manufacturing plant and designs their own robot. It does not complete the process before the system shuts down the hacker. This incomplete robot then goes thru the street and is hit by a car near some important people.  Thinking it a plot to kill them, section 9 is assigned to investigate. They discover that this 100% robot somehow acquired a ghost.  They seek to find the hacker, the person that created this robot, and stop them.

During the investigation, the Major discovers that she has no human parts in her.  She is also a robot that has been implanted with a ghost. She comes to terms with who she is now and ultimately uncovers who created her as well as the hacker creating these other robots and stops him.

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