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Dragonball has been around since 1986. The story has evolved as the characters got older. What started as a silly children’s animi became an epic story that has lasted through the decades.  The main character, Goku, started as a child of about 10 years old.  On the current series he is now a grandpa. Still fit and kicking but, but he has grown up and so have all the other characters.  This is a nice change from a lot of other shows where people stay the same age for as long as the series is playing.

The basic plot of this series is, an alien ship crashes to earth with just a baby aboard. A martial arts master finds the ship and discovers a baby aboard. The baby looks human except is has a monkey tail. He names the baby Goku. He raises him as a son and trains him in his martial arts till he passes away. On his death bed he tells Goku to seek out Master Roshi for further training.  This is where his adventures begin, with his search for the master.

On his journey he makes all sorts of friends and defeats many enemies. His indomitable spirit never lets him be beat if he has someone to help. Some of his enemies have even become his allies because of his good nature.

With the grand scale and length of the series there are too many stories to tell. Goku never quits or gives up. He inspires others to do the same. He works hard to achieve his goals. His selfless attitude and good nature makes is hard for people to hate him.

It has had many seasons under slightly different titles and they are still ongoing.  As of now there are 644 episodes, with a new one coming out weekly. There have been many, many movies and video games featuring the heroes from the show.

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