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This is the story of a typical Japanese teenager named Ichigo. What stands out about him is that he has Orange hair and can see spirits. This is due to a thing they call on the show called Spiritual Energy (or pressure). The spirits he can see are the ones that have not yet gone to the afterlife.  If they remain too long on earth without going to the afterlife they become evil and turn into hollows. They get their names because they have a hole someplace on their person.

Very soon in the first episode he meets a girl named Rukia, who is not from earth.  She is a Soul Reaper. These are people from the spirit world that are tasked with sending stranded spirits to the spirit world and destroying the ones that become hollows.  She has some trouble fighting a hollow and Ichigo tries to help her. He fails at this because he is not a Soul Reaper and does not have their power. Since Rukia becomes injured in the fight, she lends her power to Ichigo and he too becomes a Soul Reaper.

The characters are a bit like ancient Samurai without the armor. They all carry a Katanas, they call zanpakutō. Unlike Samurai, their katana can transform into other forms. Each form makes it more powerful and gives it certain abilities. Every Soul Reaper’s zanpakutō has its own unique ability.

It lasted for 16 seasons and had 366 episodes as well as 4 movies.

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