Black Clover

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In world where everyone has some magic energy, Asta is born with none.  Dropped off at an orphanage when he was a baby along with Yuno, he seems to a tremendous amount of magical energy, they set off on a wild adventure to both become the Mage King.  The ultimate mage of the land.

Asta comes into his power, or rather lack of, early in the series. All mages, upon reaching late teen years, go through a right of passage when their spell books choose them.  Yes, the spell books choose their masters.  Asta does not get chosen and must leave without one.  Yuno however gains a very rare 3 leaf clover book.  That only the most gifted and powerful mages ever see.  On their way home someone tries to steal this book from Yuno.  It is during this confrontation that Asta’s spell book chooses him.  He gains a rare 4 clover book. While this type of book is very rare, his is unique in that is totally black. Upon opening the book, Asta is granted with a sword that negates magical energy.  Armed with this sword he and Yuno join the mage knights.  The guardians of the realm and thus begins their adventures to become the Mage King.

Asta is a very fun guy. Everyone that gets to know him like him. He is trustworthy and honest and a very loyal friend. Lots of girls fall for him, but he is in love with a nun that raised him at the orphanage. He vows to someday make her his wife.  Of course, being a nun, she has no plans on ever getting married and does everything in her power to dissuade him. With his traits other girls fall for him throughout the series, but he does not even notice because he only has eyes for the sister.

Still in it’s first season, it has spawned a video game. It has currently aired 52 episodes and still going strong.

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