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This is a collection of 9 short stories that all take place within the Matrix universe.  Some will have characters you are familiar with, while others will have new characters.  4 of the stories were written by the Wachowski Brothers (the writers of the Matrix Trilogy). The others were written by different people.

Two of the stories tell about the creation and rise of the machines as well as the creation of the Matrix. Other stories tell about individual that were able to escape the Matrix on their own.  1 Story tells the tale of the Osiris trying to make its way back to Zion to warn them of an impending attack.  Another tells the tale of a private detective trying to find the hacker known as Trinity.

These short stories fill in a little bit of what was missing in the story during the Matrix Trilogy. A couple of the people that escaped the Matrix during these short stories are also featured in the movies.  If you enjoyed the movies this is a must see.

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